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Due to scheduling conflicts, not all students who wish to take computer classes are able to take computer classes, so July began an afterschool outreach program to all interested fourth year students. It is to introduce fourth year students to computers and focused on those students who had no previous experience with computers. It is amazing to see the faces of the students as they go from never having touched a computer to being able to use the internet to research for school. Once all interested fourth year students who have no experience with computers have completed the course, we would like to look into providing another afterschool class that covers more advanced topics.
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We are very excited to partner with Bicol Relief as we attempt to make a difference in the lives of the youth of the area who are the future of the Philippines. Through the kind generousity of Bicol Relief, MORMS has received five new desktop computers which will be used by the students and teachers. This donation will help MORMS continue it's mission of creating a communmity of empowered learners who are globally competitive. Bicol Relief was founded after Typhoon Reming by Americans who wanted to help those people effected. To read more about the work that Bicol Relief is doing you can go to
Empowering Computer Education
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After several months of delay, MORMS now has an ICT center for teachers and students. The center includes five computers donated by Bicol Relief and eight computers donated through the Peace Corps Partnership program. These computers will be very helpful for the teachers in the lesson preparation, lesson plan writing, and grading. The students will be able to research and encode their projects. Workshops will be held to help familiarize the teachers with the computers. Even before the official unveiling ceremony, the computers were being used daily by teachers, student teachers, and students.

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